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Poster: Tyler Date: Feb 11, 2004 4:14am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Beginning Recorder Suggestions

you'll be very happy with the AT831 mics. i have been using my pair since i got them in aug 2002 and not a single problem or poor sound. They are a very very good mic for an amazingly cheap price ($119!!). Yes, you will need an external power supply. Sound Pro also sells a batt box. get whatever 'slim batt box' they sell these days. it will be ~ $60-80 depending on if you get the $20 bass roll-off (i'd recommend you do).

welcome to the world of taping! enjoy! if you have furthur questions, e-mail me:

thuff @ (remove the spaces)

**EDIT** upon re-reading your post, you said that SP said you didn't need an external power source for your recorder. I'm sure they know best, but as far as i know for my own recordings.. I always plug my mic into the batt box and then the box into 'line in' of my minidisk. Because the 'line in' port is just straight in, no power, pre-amp, nothing. the 'mic in' port has those aspects, so i could just put the mic directly into the 'mic in' port. the problem i have heard is that mic in can lead to brickwalling and level problems, so line in is the way to go. I don't know what your HD system has for internal power, but you might not even need the batt box. hopefully others with your deck can give advice.

and as far as clipping them to your hat, the 'swivel clips' that the at831 mics come with don't really open very wide (at least mine didn't) so clipping them to the brim didn't really work out. I ended up getting a mech 'trucker' hat, turning it backwards, and cutting two holes in the mess of the hat, and clipping the mics to each hole, inside the hat, so it is sandwhiched between my head and the hat. I personally felt like a dumbass wearing a backwards hat all the time at shows, so i bought a beanie, and since then i just put the mics on my head, put the beanie on, smooshing them in place, and the sound is great. there is no muffling at all from the small amount of fabric. just run the cord down the back of your neck to your deck in your pocket. boom. you're ready to stealth your favorite bob dylan concert, or just a local show. i persoanlly find it just easier to do that setup even for shows were taping is allowed since you are free to move wherever sound is best, and your body is your mic stand. have fun!


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Poster: huntdubie Date: Feb 12, 2004 7:11pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Beginning Recorder Suggestions

Thanks for the reply! I appreciate all your advice. I think I'll order those mics and give them a few test runs to see if they run ok with my recorder. One thing I was curious about was when you are recording during the concert, do you have to be silent the whole time? I would imagine that my voice, if I was cheering or singing along =P, would be picked up fairly well. Anyways. Hopefully I can get those bad boys before the Feb 20th Barbed Wire Cutters show up here in Bellingham, WA. Cheers!

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Poster: Tyler Date: Feb 12, 2004 11:03pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Beginning Recorder Suggestions

yes, any talking / cheering / claping you do will be picked up much more then other people's, so you kinda have to be silent. i know it sucks to not show the love to the band you love, but the future ears who will hear your recording will appreciate it.